The Castle-Port

Marina di Santa Marinella is nestled in the heart of a picturesque maritime village, a landing place that guarantees privacy and comfort and it is well connected to Rome. The perfect combination between modernity and history.

The small village of Santa Marinella can be easily accessed from the capital city by train or car in less than an hour and enjoys an ideal climate, fanned by cool air that blows down from the Monti della Tolfa in summer and sheltered from cold north-easterly winds by the same mountains in winter.
These climatic conditions are highly influenced by the nearby Maremma, of which Santa Marinella acts as a southern extension, along with Tarquinia and Cerveteri, two cities that now belong to the UNESCO heritage thanks to their Etruscan necropolis.
When overlooking the sea, the port is located in the midst of the approach routes to the Tuscan archipelago from south (just 35 miles away from the Giannutri island and from the Monte Argentario promontory). Moreover, it is located in front of the Costa Smeralda and the southern strip of Corsica. These are both reachable within a night’s navigation in a sailing boat.
The port acts as a small nautical village where you can find two restaurants, a bar, two sailing clubs and a club for diving enthusiasts, along with the local fishermen’s fleet – which guarantees the quality of the fish served in the restaurants of the marina! There are also numerous business activities just outside the port facilities: bar, supermarket, newsagents, clothing stores, electronic stores and excellent fish restaurants. They all are available within a few minutes walk from the port.
It takes about 10 minutes on foot to reach the local train station, through which you can go to St. Peter’s Square in Rome in only 35 minutes.

The highest comfort for yachtmen

The moorings in the marina are Mediterranean type, prepared on fixed and floating docks protected by an imposing breakwater dyke, which guarantees clear and calm waters for most part of the year.
During summertime, right on the terrace above the dyke, you can enjoy delicious cocktails perhaps, taking advantage of the show offered by one of the many sailing events that take place in this area.
It is worth pointing out that the historic “Roma per tutti” regatta, which runs there and back between Civitavecchia and Lipari, also starts in these waters.
Under the castle walls you can find the dry stack port, which allows boats up to 7.5 metres in length to stop ashore. This is possible at any time thanks to a 1,500kg coin-operated jib crane – an exclusive service for the ship owners staying in Marina di Santa Marinella.
The marina is integrated in a stretch of coast where there are many beaches and natural coves, one of the most striking is Banzai Beach, which is situated south of the port. Banzai Beach became one of the main spot for surfing enthusiasts, with aficionados in all the Mediterranean area.
Even diving and underwater fishing enthusiasts will appreciate – without any doubt – its seabed conformation, characterised mainly by rocks and coves, habitual lairs for many different species of Mediterranean marine life. Here you can live everyday your passion for sea trips, diving and underwater photography thanks to the educational activities and games organised by the Diving Center in the Marina. The Diving Centre carries out – in compliance with health and safety rules- diving courses (individual and groups) for all levels of experience in the most charming dive sites in the area.

New buildings

Marina di Santa Marinella is a modern port in a dock that reminds us atmospheres from the past. A natural harbour, used since the times of Etruscan settlements, perfectly integrated in the urban context and in the history of the city of Santa Marinella.
Over the years, several restoration works were carried out including dredging, rebuilding the entire system of mooring buoys and catenary curves, the setting up of a shielding system against galvanic cathodic currents and reinforcement of tetrapods in order to protect the breakwater dyke
Furthermore, it was recently launched a programme of work that has given the present structure new buildings and services that make the marina adequate to host an international clientele both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.
Right in front of the pedestrian entrance of the port, there is the panoramic terrace connected, through the suggestive stair, to the underlying square that feature a facade of pink arches.
And the storage area, a space dedicated for the use by professional fisherman. A brand new bar where-from its nice raised square and panoramic terrace – is possible to admire both the port and open sea towards Capo Linaro and the Castle of Santa Severa.

  • 50 Km away from Fiumicino airport
  • 35 minutes by train from St. Peter’s square to Rome

  • Ideal weather conditions for sailing
  • Interesting diving locations
  • Important spot for diving enthusiast


Access time: non-stop
GPS Coordinates
42°02′,06 N 11°52′,57 E
Capacity: 285 berths
Max LOA: 22 mt.
Draught: 3 mt. m.s.l. (mean sea level) (3,5 m. at the entrance)
VHF Channel 9
Seabed: sandy
Crosswind: sirocco

Marinella-Planimetria NUOVA-01

1. Entrance
2. Indoor car parks
3. Offices
4. Restaurant
5. Fuel distributor
6. Building site area

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